Indoor and Outdoor Training for Maximum Impact.

Adding variety to your workouts ensures you’ll never be bored -- and you’ll never stop seeing new results. Our personal training programs are tailored for each of our unique clients and we offer a combination of in-gym and outdoor training sessions to meet the needs of every client. We also provide group training including bootcamps, team training sessions and other interactive sessions.


Get the most out of every workout and the boost you need to perform at your highest potential.


In-Gym Training


Based out of Catalyst Kinetic Group, ANH Strength Performance trainers work personally with each client during in-gym training sessions to improve strength, endurance and overall athleticism.

Outdoor Training


Outdoor sessions are a great way to keep your workout fresh and exciting. With plenty of space to work with, clients increase their agility, speed and stamina during dynamic outdoor training programs to work each muscle group.